B3-Finger Painting

Finger painting was a very intriguing experience for me due to all the variables involved. I don’t recall having to finger paint in grade school other than printing my hand on paper. The texture of paint on my hand was a interesting element because it brought a lot more of a sensing element into it. Which in turn allowed me to submit to my senses in a freeing manner which helps me be more in tune with the piece. The creating of the piece called onto all the things this very generation is loosing touch with which includes a sense of creativity and freedom without the pressures of a society so set on following a model that things that are considered unique are just different renditions of the same expectation. Producing a coalition of too many similar pieces. However, the process of creating the painting entitled a quite alluring aspect of letting the piece unfold in front of you without any control. It was a pretty fascinating enigma in itself to watch the progression of blending from pink to yellow to orange creating a conflict of shades which leads to a sort of duality within the piece encompassing a very important object in the piece , that being diversity. Sometimes going into the unknown of a piece can sprout creativity that often times can unfold the purest and most unfiltered content possible from within such a controlled and obedient mind. Other paintings are most often focused on creating a subject matter and paying attention to the details of the work, therefore it was exciting and fairly easy to create a piece that had no rules or expectations.

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