B7- Drinking and Drawing

Tree #1

I found our sketching assignment for this week to be quite enjoyable. I have been drawing for all my life and I even took AP Studio Art in my senior year of high school. Therefore, I enjoyed taking a break from all the stress of classes and get back to what I used to do every single day for fun. These quick sketches were fun; however, they made me realize how much I miss drawing as well as how rusty I am. I want to get to be able to take a little part of my day and dedicate it just to drawing and get back to what I used to love. Even though I may not be an art major, I still enjoy it and hope to continue doing it. If I were to continue drawing and practice for several hours I could regain skills I have lost and even gain new skills that will improve my artwork over time.

My current major is Kinesiology, which is the study of human movement. My future career path would focus of physical activity and the health of others. Generally, you wouldn’t think about art as having a part within kinesiology careers such as a physical therapist, a personal trainer, or a coach. However, if I had to incorporate it into my career I would use art to draw the anatomy of the body for reference and memorization purposes. It could also be used to give athletes or clients visual cues to represent their body, their workouts, or their diet in a way they might understand it better. One might also create health advertisements for children as well as adults that are appealing and interesting to look at. Simple sketching, like what we did this week can be used for personal uses such as mnemonic devices when taking notes about a patient or client’s health and diagnosis. Small and quick sketches can also be drawn out for patients to help them get a understanding of the topic at hand.

Tree #2
Drink #1
Drink #2
Person #1
Person #2 (contour)

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