B8- Environmental Portraits

All my life I have loved and played sports. Starting in elementary school with soccer, then softball, then cross country basketball and track and field. However, my favorite sport I have participated in is track and field and more specifically, pole vault. Pole vault gives me happiness, frustration, adrenaline, and anxiety. The thrill of jumping and the danger of potentially falling makes the sport exciting. And even though I say the sport can be frustrating and dangerous and it gives me anxiety, doesn’t mean it is bad. The frustration comes from failing at a height, but failing provides the opportunity to learn and grow from there. The danger that comes along with the event gives a challenge that I am always ready to face and will never back down from. Lastly, the anxiety I endure in a competition can hinder my skills but the negative thoughts that run through my head push me to work harder and do my very best no matter the outcome. Either way, with this picture, I hoped to capture all the life lessons that I learned as well as the passion I have for this beloved sport and other sports also.

However, one can not take a picture of life lessons that can play into my everyday life, but the picture of myself pole vaulting exemplified my athletic personality. What I would have also liked to showcase within my environmental portrait is my passion for health and care towards others. The path of physical therapy is were I would like to go towards. That way I can help athletes with injuries as well as others who are unable to function at their full potential. Next time maybe I could be seen helping an injured athlete recover from an injury or working within an outpatient clinic for physical therapy.

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