B8- SOA Gallery Story

50,000 years ago, in the terrain of the current state of Arizona, the early man was beginning to understand the benefits of hunting and gathering their food.

Tuskbreaker, a man of this era, was hunting one day for warthogs for him and his family. He had been looking through the woods for several hours and only could come across two rabbits that escaped his grasp. As he began to give up for the 3rd day of not finding food, the ground began to shake. He thought about the fact that it was just an earthquake but the rumbling grew more and more intense as the time proceeded. He began to run back to his cave where his family was; it was just across the clearing. As he was making his way toward his cave he kept stumbling and falling as the ground quivered underneath him. As he picked himself up from his fall, he looked up to the sky to find that it was dark and gray and at this point Tuskbreaker had realized that the wind had begun to pick up. Leaves blew in his face and animals were running from their hiding spots to seek secure shelter. As he witness the abundance of food that ran past him, he found himself not worrying about his hunger. Instead he glanced behind himself to figure out why all these animals were running for their life, and what he saw made him run for his life as well. Forming in the sky, the roaring wind took shape into a funnel. A tornado was hitting down, and for Tuskbreaker he began to realize that this could be the end of the world as he knows it. He had made it to his cave and while he was moving the boulder door to keep him and his family safe he saw a giant ball of fire hurling toward the Earth. A meteor had `entered the atmosphere and was now coming straight at Tuskbreaker and his cave. So instead of covering his cave with his boulder door, he gathered his wife and son out and they began to run for safety. As they got far from the cave they were safe enough to watch the meteor strike the ground. As he had thought, it had landed straight on top of their cave and created a giant crater. When it had hit the ground it burst into a rainbow of colors that went as high as the moon. The ball of fire, the earthquake and the tornado were now in the past and Tuskbreaker and his family were left in shock because it had come and gone in a blink of an eye. With the new the acceptance of their home destroyed, they picked up all their things and began their journey to find a new home.

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