C1- Art and My Life

During my time in Art 110, I have expanded my knowledge and understanding of art and its depths. Visiting artists at the School of Art galleries benefited the most for my education on art. It was always so fascinating to see all their artwork and talk to them to understand it as well. They expressed their life through their artwork , even if you didn’t understand it at first. When I looked at art before this class, I only saw the beauty and the ugliness of each piece. However, now if I were to ask the artist about their piece I would be able to understand their work and therefore find every piece beautiful in their own way. Art 110 has also taught me about the various types of art. Signing up for this class, I thought it would be a lot of drawing and painting and that’s it, but I never thought  about photography, sculptures, or textiles as a form of art. Especially the various types of each one. For photography I never realized the purpose and meaning behind the positioning of the photo or the location of the subject within the frame. Another interesting thing I learned about photography was the various forms of a portrait, such as environmental portraits, portraits, and street portraits. For sculptures there include a variety f options within. Some of theses were clay and pottery, woodwork, plaster work, metalwork, or just ordinary objects. For textiles, it can be developed through numerous kinds of material.

The artwork we created ourselves throughout Art 110 allowed my experience to be multi-faced. With the knowledge of how the SOA artists make their work and the meaning they put into it, I was able to create art that I liked and thought resembled my life well. Some of my favorite projects were, the graffiti artwork, the fingerpainting, the sketching and the plaster casting. While creating my name in graffiti, I learned new techniques and and skills for that kind of work. The fingerpainting at first seemed childish but it turned out to be extremely fun. Getting messy with the paint and just letting everything flow without there being a subject matter to have the paint resemble was very relaxing. Sketching the trees, drinks and people was a favorite because I have a history with drawing and it was nice to get back to what I love for a change. Along the way, I realized that I wanted to continue drawing and strive to get better as well. Lastly, another one of my favorite projects that I did in Art 110 was the plaster casting. I enjoyed creating a plaster casting because it was very new to me and very interesting. It was a fun process; however, I wish I had the chance to go to the beach to create my plaster mold as intended. But in the end, the casting turned out really well and even included small details of my hand that made it look fascinating. Overall, the projects that I created myself as well as the conversations I had with the SOA artists amplified my experience and understanding of art and the countless properties within.

Aside from the art that we created and learned about, being prepared for my future and career turned out to be beneficial to me in every way. The design thinking, which had myself look at various outlooks of my future allowed me to have back up plans for my future if something were to change. It also gave me perspective to what I have to do to get to my goals as well as how happy and satisfied I would be if I reached them. Creating a personal website that exemplified my qualifications and experience within my career pathway helped me understand how I would like to portray myself within the professional field and what I need to do in order for myself to stand out from other people who are looking to go into the field of physical therapy as well. However, in conclusion, Art 110 has made an impact on my learning as well as my life. It has helped my prepare for the future and design the future for myself.

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