B5- Graffiti Writing

My Graffiti writing experience was very enjoyable. Instead of spray painting on a wall or legal space, I decided that I would like to keep this artwork, therefore I spray painted on top of a giant brown poster board. I first began my dividing the board in half by measurement and drew my name into two sections of three letters each in order to make it even as well as fit on the board. After establishing my outline for my project, I began painting. I’ve had experience painting throughout my past; however, that was with a paint brush and so forth spray painting was very different. By experimenting with this project I have learned various techniques of how to paint with a spray can that differed from a brush. First of all, I found out that in order for myself to get fine or thin lines I had to get close to the canvas that I was working on and spray swift and gentle. After the lines were created,in order for myself to darken and define the lines, I had to continuously go over the same line several times in the same exact spot. However, I made sure not to put too much to the point where the paint would begin dripping down or clot in one area and therefore make the paint uneven. While making this piece, I was unable to focus on anything else. My mind would drift and I would only care about the painting and what I needed to do to finish it, and when I would take breaks between painting and letting the paint dry, I would get excited and want to continue to spray painting until I was complete. Overall, my experience was amazing, and I hope I can try it again in the future on an art wall.

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